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Online vs. Reality. How can he look so good online and then be such a frog in real life?

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 Do you have a profile photo that's too dark or too far away? Do you need to have the "guy on your left" removed from the shot? Or is Match telling you te file size is too small.

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"I'm loving this group. Unless someone is doing computer dating they have no idea what we are going through."
L.G., New Jersey

"No one knows but the 'sisterhood' now! We have something special here girls....." Lynne, Ohio

"This list is really helping me realize that a lot of us have similar experiences with online dating, so hey, it's not 'all me.'"Kay, Pennsylvania

"Thank you again!
I think the women
here saved me from
a disastrous evening ...or worse!"

Trisha, New York



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